Four Creative Ways to Get Around Legal Restrictions and Advertise Your Marijuana Business Effectively

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  • On November 16, 2016
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Best ways to advertise your marijuana dispensary
As new players rush into the growing marijuana business, many dispensaries are shocked to find that traditional marketing wisdom is not enough to really get their shops off the ground. There is a wide range of legal restrictions on the marijuana industry, limiting the amount and types of marketing that can be done.

Difficulties Advertising Your Dispensary

The number one concern of advertisers is the fact that marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, despite legalization in many states. In addition, even the ads that have been produced are typically limited in language, making vague allusions to the plant without saying exactly what they mean.

In some places dispensaries are not allowed to advertise their prices either. Nearly all social media platforms have banned the advertisement of tobacco, drugs and even prescription medications because of the chance that children will be exposed to these ads.
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There are countless legal barriers still being hashed out about what is and is not okay to advertise, but there are still marketing options for dispensaries and cannabis-related businesses and Marijuana Marketing Xperts can help you utilize them successfully.

These options include:


Search Engine Optimization is the best way for dispensaries to take control of their marketing efforts without spending a fortune on traditional marketing methods. Since many of these avenues have banned marijuana ads, the best way to be found on the web is to make your site a top pick for Google. Using the content on your web pages and the right keywords, you can draw in traffic from people who are already looking for you.

Social Media

Social media marketing is hard to navigate for many dispensaries. Rather than boosting ads on Facebook, we rely on regular business pages that share great content and attract followers naturally. The goal is to find out who is talking about marijuana locally and invite them to join the discussion on your page.



Programmatic advertising means targeting specific groups of people based on their demographic, behaviors, location and more. Using all of these factors, you can determine where and when your customer base is most likely to be active online, and create marketing content that directly serves those people where they already are on the web.


You may have noticed that mainstream newspapers have discussed marijuana issues ad nauseam, but still lack all forms of advertising for marijuana. However, there are a number of very progressive newspapers and magazines that have sprouted up, allowing dispensaries to openly advertise within their pages. Some of these magazines are entirely about the plant. Others cover various topics from music and pop culture to politics. They provide a solid outlet for advertising your dispensary to the people who are most likely to support it.

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Marijuana Marketing Xperts

Dispensaries looking to market themselves must tread carefully with the legalities of advertising and spend their marketing dollars through effective avenues open to them. The experienced team at Marijuana Marketing Xperts works tirelessly to ensure that all of our clients achieve the best marketing available without any legal entanglements. To learn more about how we can help you engage with more customers through the web and print



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