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Chronic Therapy Business Objective

Chronic Therapy is a marijuana dispensary business that is built on leads. In order to conduct enough sales of product every month, the staff must be consistently receiving a steady stream of leads from potential customers inquiring about their products. The #1 goal of their digital marketing campaign is to drive leads via organic and local search in the form of online form fill submissions, phone calls, and driving directions.

has been fulfilling on this objective in three ways:

  • Increasing their organic presence for relevant keywords to drive organic traffic to their website.
  • Optimizing their website to make sure that the organic traffic is being driven to the site and is converting via form fills and phone calls.
  • Increasing their local search presence on mobile devices to drive leads via driving directions, phone calls, as well as additional traffic to their website.


Our strategy was to optimize their website with proper meta data and onsite optimizations. We then followed up with adding relevant content with targeted keywords to their site, which included both page content and blog posts. We also created diverse backlinks that targeted core business keywords as well as branded keywords. 

We optimized their GMB page to make sure their listing was correctly set up. We added additional content to the GMB page and then added schema markup to the site.

When it comes to Google-approved categories, the closest we can get to possible MMJ based categories is health club and alternative medicine practitioner. What we did is add Medical Marijuana Dispensary, MMJ, and Recreational Marijuana Dispensary as keywords to aide with search volume. We also have been adding citations to help build their local presence online.


Strategies delivered all of the following impressive results for Chronic Therapy:

  • Google My Business page had an increase in driving directions month over month.
  • Google My Business page had an increase in views, driving directions, and phone calls year over year, which resulted in a 400% increase in leads coming through the website year over year.
  • recreational dispensary – ranks position 1
  • dispensary – ranks position 1
  • marijuana – ranks position 2
  • Organic traffic to the website was up 16% month over month and 427% year over year.
  • Search queries were up 2% month over month and 196% year over year, which means the website is ranking for more keywords.
  • Search impressions were up 19% month over month and 605% year over year, which means the website has gained visibility in search results.

Keyword improvements delivered the following results:

  • dispensary near me – 31% improvement in search and now ranking in position 4
  • dispensaries near me – 64% improvement in search and now ranking in position 3
  • recreational dispensary near me – 51% improvement in search and now ranking in position 3
  • best recreational dispensary in wheat ridge – ranks in position 1 now
  • marijuana Wheat Ridge – ranks in position 2


LiveGreen Business Objective

LiveGreen recently completed a rebranding from their previous name, Patients Choice. Our objective was to digitally transition the brand and lose no site traffic.
LiveGreen has had positive growth since the transition and continues to grow their digital presence.


The #1 goal of this digital marketing campaign was to drive leads via Organic search in the form of increased website and foot traffic, as well as phone calls.

V Digital Services fulfilled this objective by:

  • Increasing LiveGreen’s organic presence for relevant keywords to drive organic traffic to their website
  • Optimizing LiveGreen’s website to make sure that the organic traffic being driven to their site is converting by foot traffic or phone calls
  • Increasing LiveGreen’s local search presence on mobile devices to drive leads via phone calls, as well as additional traffic to their website

Increased Visibility for Keywords

Our goal was to have LiveGreen’s site ranking organically for the services that they offer that yield the highest ROI, so that users see their business as an alternative to the brands with which they are already familiar.
V Digital Services fulfilled this objective by:

  • Backlinking to articles with relevant content in our online publications using relevant keyword anchors
  • Optimizing the meta titles/descriptions on their site so that users land on the most relevant page on the site based on their search terms
  • Making on-site content recommendations
  • Monitoring current keyword rankings to put together a monthly backlinking strategy
  • Analyzing search trends to make sure we optimized for the search terms with the highest search volume
  • Analyzing site behavior to make sure the keywords we optimized for and that are driving traffic to the site have the highest conversion rates


LiveGreen launched their new site and had immediate success with the rebranding, as we implemented redirects and continued to optimize the new site for the previous brand. Once the new site picked up traffic, we transitioned our strategy to promote the new brand, LiveGreen. We had no drop off in traffic and improved all the engagement metrics on the site. The organic traffic has continued to grow and has delivered a richer experience for all LiveGreen customers.

67% Increase in monthly sessions

-42.06% Bounce Rate

69.31% Increase in New Users

Cansortium Inc-Cansortium Announces Opening of its Newest Fluent

Fluent Cannabis Care Business Objective

FLUENT Cannabis Care came to us to increase traffic and brand recognition, which ultimately leads to more in-store sales and pre-orders.


To meet the desired need, our strategy was to:

  • Increase keyword rankings for core terms related to each of the local dispensaries, earning more geo-relevance throughout Florida and Pennsylvania.
  • Increase the Authority of the site by doing link outreach for keywords that were relevant to them and relevant to what users are searching for in the Valley.

To fulfill on the keyword strategy, we focused on relevant blog content as well as creating more content for their location pages (Make them more geo-relevant in certain areas where they are located throughout Florida and Pennsylvania). .

From an Authority perspective, we built out links that would tie back to relevant terms in the Cannabis industry, as well as adding localized geo’s to them to drive more local relevance. If we had no link strategy, we would not see as much pop in authority for their Local Pages on the site. By Building these links to the content pages we created, we have seen better keyword ranking for relevant keywords and queries that are associated with the specific dispensaries they own (Dispensary in Orlando for Example).


  • Up 95% YOY in Indirect Queries, throughout their GMB Pages.
  • Up 53% YOY on Organic Sessions (Over 207k Sessions) – Started around 30k to 40k a month.
  • Continued growth in all of their Dispensary pages, which are being driven from the Local GMB Page and Searches on the SERPs for dispensary near me or cannabis dispensary near me, to name a few.

157% More Calls

127% More Organic Sessions

462% More GMB Directions Clicks