Ways to Target

Demographic targeting
Behavioral targeting
Content targeting
Geo targeting
Frequency caps
Day parting

Why Work With Us?

 Benefits to utilizing MMX’s Programmatic Services…

Best-in-Class Demand Side Platform.
Access to multiple Data Vendors: i.e. Google, Casale, OpenX, Rubicon, etc.
Site Quality – Ad placement is only on the top Quantcast 5,000 sites.
100% Viewable Impressions: Above the Fold Placement ONLY – no wasted impressions.
Secure Protection Against Ad Fraud: Complete Protection against Click Farms and Bot Traffic.
Page Level Media Relevance Protection: We keep an eye on brand safety and page quality.
Share of Voice Insight: Understand how far you can reach, locally.
In-Depth Reporting: Complete Transparency – We report on impressions and clicks, including insight on frequency, relevancy, browsers, operating system, formatting and more.
Utilizing a pixel on your website, we can track who saw the ad and who didn’t click immediately, but visited your site at a later time.
Human-Hands-On Optimizations: Ongoing website optimizations made by humans, for humans and search engine robots alike. Our efforts are cross-examined weekly by a team of multiple people.
Quality Traffic: Campaigns are synced with Google Analytics – to ensure optimizations are made for quality traffic, not just clicks.

Let us help you take your marijuana-based business to the next level with paid online marketing!