Why Print Still Matters: Advertising for Marijuana-Related Businesses

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  • On July 28, 2017
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Over the last few years, all eyes have been on the Internet as the next great frontier of advertising potential. While the Internet has certainly become prime real estate for getting the word out about your business, it’s important to remember that print media still has an important place in any great advertising campaign, especially for cannabis-related businesses.

Who Needs Print Advertising?

You may ask yourself, “Who needs print advertising?” Your business does! Traditional advertising methods offer benefits that online advertising hasn’t quite mastered, for instance, the tactile connection that a consumer gets with your business when they see your ads in their favorite magazine or newspaper. This touch point helps build brand recognition.

In addition, print ads offer longevity. Where emails can be dumped unceremoniously and popup ads can be closed instantly, print ads may sit on the kitchen table for a week or two or get pinned to the refrigerator for months.

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How to Use Print Ads for Marijuana Businesses

Marijuana businesses in particular should be eager to use traditional advertising methods wherever they can. Social media sites and mainstream search engines have not been particularly supportive of marijuana advertising thanks to strict regulations, but print advertising can offer a little more flexibility. This is because there are so many special interest publications that are friendly to the marijuana industry and go directly to eligible adults.

In fact, the marijuana industry itself has a number of highly successful marijuana-specific publications already, but there are plenty of publications outside of the immediate industry that are still open to marijuana advertising.

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Some of the most important elements of a quality print advertisement for a marijuana business are the logo and quality images. You want your readers to fall in love with the images of your luscious plants and beautiful shop. You want to make their mouth water by helping them imagine that they have some of your product in their hands.

These are emotions that are hard to evoke in the fast-paced Internet environment, but they are much easier to reach when you have a print advertisement in your hands. Some companies are even experimenting with scratch-and-sniff scented papers to make the draw even more intense.


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No matter what you’ve heard about print’s decline, print advertising will always hold a special place in consumers’ hearts and, according to the Harvard Business Review, print catalogs are back in style. There’s just something about being able to touch, feel and read a print ad that makes people form a stronger association with your brand.

To learn more about current marijuana publications and print advertising opportunities, contact MMX today. Our parent company, Voice Media Group, publishes award-winning alternative weekly newspapers across the country, and we can put your brand in print and in front of your desired audience.



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