Social Networking

One of the most important aspects of marketing a marijuana business today is having strong social networking skills. While you may not be able to participate in many mainstream paid advertising avenues because of legal restrictions, building a following on social media is a great way to engage with your current customers and interact with new ones.

Here are a few of the ways a social media management team can help boost your reach across a variety of social sites.

Staying Relevant

It’s no secret that Facebook alone has almost two billion active users. Plus there are popular sites like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. Being active on social media is a great way to keep your company name in front of customers and potential customers full-time.

People spend more time on social media today than they do any other online activity. The more content you are creating and sharing, the more often you will pop up in their feeds.


Going Viral

The most important part of social media is the ability to spread your marketing through your followers’ networks with minimal input. When you create quality, targeted content, your followers are more likely to share that content with their friends free of charge.

This establishes your brand as a thought leader in the industry and brings in new followers that you may not have reached on your own.

Taking Action

In addition to all of the tools social media offers for creating content, it also provides some really great feedback about your marketing campaigns. Using the analytics software built into many social media sites, your marijuana social media marketing efforts will be based on hard numbers and real returns.

This ensures that your efforts are well spent, and you can focus on the content that is most successful. 

Giving Your Brand Personality

More than ever before, consumers believe that their favorite brands have personalities and characteristics that make them stand out from the crowd.

Social media gives you and your team the chance to act on your brand’s personality and show visitors why you are different. Through pictures and videos of your team doing what they do best, you can show the world who you are and why your products are the best around.



Snapchat is a social media mobile app with 166 million daily users who open the app on average 18 times daily and send around 1 billing snaps every day. Snapchat is widely used and most popular amongst millennials with 65% of users being 25 or younger. If this is your demographic, you need to be marketing to, creating relationships with and interacting with your customers on Snapchat.

Snapchat is an ideal platform for content production, product marketing and influencer campaigns. You can interact with your audience through using your mobile device and creating content with video ads, pictures and augmented reality as well as face, background & voice filters.

Snapchat advertising is an effective, fun, creative way to achieve different business through three types of ads:

  • Snap Ads
    • These are vertical videos ads that can include attachments or links back to your website that play between users watching their Snap Stories.
  • Filters
    • Snapchat filters are interchangeable graphics that allow your business, product or service to be where it is purchased, talked about or consumed. Use filters to grow awareness, brand advocacy and drive action.
  • Lenses
    • Snapchat Lenses are a high-cost but also high-impact way to increase brand awareness by letting users into your world and your brand’s story.

Snapchat allows businesses to create on demand geo-filters for any event, promotion or special occasion. Geo-filters are a fun way to add an overlay to your video or picture, share what you are doing or share where you are.

What can MMX do for your business through Snapchat?

  • Drive In-Store Sales
  • Increase Online Sales
  • Promote a New Product
  • Generate Leads
  • Promote a Mobile App
  • Promote a Website
  • Promote You Videos


Clients preach the gospel of MMX:

V Digital Services has not only been a pleasure to work with, but has been very beneficial to our organization. Throughout the last year we have seen significant improvement in our organic rankings. With V Digital Services’ thorough reporting we are able to analyze all of our marketing platforms and their ROI to optimize our marketing budget. I would recommend them to anyone seeking exceptional marketing services.

Clients preach the gospel of MMX,
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