You may have heard that “print is dead.” You heard wrong. Print is still an incredibly efficient vehicle for reaching loyal readers who are potential customers for your marijuana business.

Many mainstream newspapers are out of touch with marijuana issues or even refuse to accept print advertising in the MJ category. And start-up publications often lack the credibility to be taken seriously by readers. By contrast, Voice Media Group’s well-established print publications are cultural icons in their communities, staffed by journalists who’ve long been known for their smart – and fair — coverage of marijuana issues. As part of the Voice Media Group network, MMX can help you reach these audiences.


Clients preach the gospel of MMX:

MMX has not only been a pleasure to work with, but has been very beneficial to our organization. Throughout the last year we have seen significant improvement in our organic rankings. With MMX’s thorough reporting we are able to analyze all of our marketing platforms and their ROI to optimize our marketing budget. I would recommend them to anyone seeking exceptional marketing services.

Clients preach the gospel of MMX,
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