How Persona-Based Marketing Can Help Your Marijuana Business

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  • On March 27, 2017
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The different types of people who smoke weed

If you have been in the marijuana industry for a while, it should not come as a surprise that there is no such thing as a “typical” customer. Marijuana users come from all different walks of life. So when it comes to marketing your marijuana business, creating various buyer personas is a great way to help target different types of customers rather than relying on tired, old stereotypes.

Creating a Persona-Based Content Marketing Strategy

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A persona-based content marketing strategy is one in which you and your marijuana marketing team sit down and create buyer profiles. Next, you create campaigns that are designed to specifically target these different groups of individuals.

This is a more precise way of reaching potential customers than just sending out blanket “stoner” ads that many customers will not relate with. Targeted ads can be created for different factors, including age, gender, profession and more.

Common Personas You Should Be Targeting

Different types of people that smoke weed

As a brick-and-mortar business owner, you have probably seen a slew of surprising characters show up at your door. What you may not have realized is that each unique individual is an indicator of a market you could be tapping into.

Here are some examples of different customer types:

  1. Artists: Plenty of people talk about toking up before sitting down for a lengthy writing session or beginning a new painting. They want to see creative ads that capture their imagination, rather than dry marketing materials.
  2. Professionals: Who says businessmen can’t relax? Despite their responsible, clean-cut looks, they may be in need of a way to “let their hair down.” Marketing discreet products to professionals can do the trick.
  3. Medical Patients: Users of medical marijuana are always looking for products that will help them get relief. You shouldn’t leave out MMJ users even if that isn’t your primary purpose as a dispensary.

There are plenty of other factors that can help you create useful marketing personas. Once you have a good idea about your different target audiences, you can create content that is aimed squarely at each group. You may find that you are the only marijuana business in the area serving a particular niche, boosting your position instantly.

Marijuana Marketing Xperts

To learn more about marketing your marijuana business with buyer personas, contact MMX today. Our expert team is here to help you build a successful content marketing and SEO strategy for your company.



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