Marijuana Industry Trends: Terpene Isolation

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  • On August 4, 2017
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Cannabis Terpenes

Talk about terpene isolation is flooding the internet and marijuana dispensaries alike. As one of the hottest new trends in the marijuana industry, it’s no surprise that everybody wants in on the supposed future of cannabis.

So what are terpenes, what is terpene isolation and what does it do for you?
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What Are Cannabis Terpenes?

Terpenes are just one of the many chemical compounds found in marijuana plants. They are primarily responsible for producing the iconic scents that we now associate with some of our favorite cannabis strains. As we all know, scent also has a strong tie to the flavor of a particular plant as well. Thus, terpenes are an integral part of the overall flavor profile of each unique strain.

To break it down further, each strain contains a combination of many different terpenes, which create a unique scent and flavor for that plant variety. Of course, terpenes aren’t just in marijuana. They are in all kinds of plants, giving us popular scents like fresh roses.

What is Terpene Isolation?

Terpene isolation is a practice that has been widely dominated by the fragrance industry as cosmetics companies learned how to “borrow” natural smells and recreate combinations of those scents for people to wear. Now, leaders in the marijuana industry are taking advantage of this concept by learning to isolate the terpenes from marijuana specifically.

By extracting the terpenes, manufacturers of marijuana products are able to make their waxes and concentrates more pure during the initial process, while still holding on to the terpene byproducts to be reintroduced later.

Close up picture of marijuana terpenes

What Can Isolated Terpene Products Do For Your Business?

While this practice is relatively new to the marijuana industry, it already shows great promise. Several companies have now begun making creative new products based around these terpene solutions. For instance, you can now find candles, oil diffusers, topical ointments and new wax products that are made with the scents and flavors of your favorite strains.

In addition, for many people, concentrates lose some of the desirable flavor and scent qualities of their favorite strains. Terpene isolation makes it possible to reintroduce those qualities after the concentrate is extracted to give it a stronger scent and better flavor.

Currently terpene isolation is still in its earliest stages in the marijuana industry, but it has already accomplished quite a bit. Early research and innovation is proving that this could be the beginning of something much bigger when it comes to fusing marijuana with other growing industries.



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