How Your Website’s User Experience Impacts Your Bottom Line

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  • On June 15, 2017
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There is a direct correlation between your marijuana business’ website design and the number of people who turn to you to buy their favorite products. Your website is often the first impression customers have of your business, and the user experience will tell them a great deal about what they can expect if they come into your brick-and-mortar store.

To put it simply, a well-designed and user-friendly website gives a great first impression and encourages people to visit your store, while an unprofessional, poorly designed website has the opposite effect. It makes people think you aren’t serious about your business and discourages them from visiting your shop.

Why UX Matters

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UX stands for User Experience. It is a hotly debated topic across all industries these days, and the marijuana industry is no exception. In fact, marijuana companies, in particular, need to provide a great user experience to underscore that they are legitimate and professional businesses and not fly-by-night operations in this new and growing industry.

When your business presents a website that is easy to navigate, provides quality information and makes people feel confident in your business model, you go a long way toward reassuring them that your business is playing by all of the rules and is well worth a visit.

Designing a Website

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There are several elements that make up a great marijuana site by today’s standards. For instance, a fully navigable menu that is updated daily offers potential customers a great view of what you have in stock at any given moment. If they know the product is in stock and available they won’t come to your shop and leave disappointed.

In addition, it’s wise to include a gallery of images and some basic information about your company and your sources. Sure, there are some marijuana users who blindly trust you to provide them with quality goods, but the vast majority of marijuana connoisseurs want to learn about who you are, why you love marijuana, and where you source your bud. If you can’t answer those questions clearly and concisely on your website, you are likely to be passed over by those consumers.

Finally, some companies go overboard with their designs, creating menus within lists and so on until the website is nearly impossible to navigate. You should focus on making your website as clean and straightforward as possible. Many people will be visiting your site from a mobile device and can only handle so many menu options at a time before they become lost. In fact, you should always be aware of the mobile user experience even if you have simple menus. For example, do your photo galleries play well on a mobile phone?

Marijuana Marketing Xperts

The user experience has a huge effect on how people believe you run your business. If the website offers a poor user experience, your business will likely be passed over. However, if you provide everything a website visitor may need in a simple, direct way, customers will feel more comfortable trusting you and your products and are more likely to visit your store.

To learn more about effective web design and optimal user experience, contact Marijuana Marketing Xperts today. We can help you build a clean, modern website with great user experience for your marijuana business.



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