MMX Guest Posting Guidelines


There are several requirements that need to be met in order to write for us. Our general requirements include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • All articles must be 100% unique and exclusive to our site before we consider publishing one of your articles, we will check for plagiarism.
  • Content must be of high quality and thorough, we are looking for depth. The article should be over 800 words of coherent non-redundant content, and must contain non-commercial sources.
  • Guest post must include at least one link to another resource by MMX, and no more than 3 external resources.
  • If you include images, you must hold the appropriate copyright licenses to use them. If you did not include any images, let us know and we can find some for you.
  • No affiliate links or referral codes within the content are allowed.
  • Once guest post has been published, we ask that you share across your social networks.


What we’re looking for:

  • MJ business
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Social

What we do not accept:

  • General weed news
  • Vaping topics
  • Pharmaceutical Topics

MMX holds the right to edit your article to any extent and cannot guarantee that it will be published. However, you can make as many revisions as you want in order to adhere to our guidelines. If all this sounds like an excellent opportunity for you, get in touch with us using the form below. We will need a brief introduction of who you are and a link to your portfolio.

Fill out the form below and include the required information: