Anyone in the marijuana industry knows that dispensary marketing isn’t as clear-cut as it would be for a normal business. Due to the contentious nature of marijuana currently, and its varying legality across different states, marketing for dispensaries is severely limited.

Dispensaries are not able to take advantage of some of the more popular paid marketing tools available through Facebook, Twitter and Google. Instead, they must rely heavily on proper dispensary SEO, a robust social media presence, programmatic ads, a killer website design and other creative ways to bring in customers.

Online Strategy

In order to start building a following online without the help of Pay-Per-Click or social media ads, you must have a well-designed webpage. Your dispensary website design should be easy to navigate while presenting useful information that your customers can use.

When executing an SEO strategy, you will also need to take inspiration from the trending keywords in the industry and geo-specific location indicators in order to narrow down leads.

Offline Strategy

With limited options online, many dispensaries are looking at traditional advertising avenues to build steam. Across the nation there are a variety of alternative lifestyle magazines that offer advertising space to dispensaries.

As part of Voice Media Group, MMX has access to the parent company’s alternative weekly newspapers including Denver’s Westword, LA Weekly, Phoenix New Times and more. We also have relationships with multiple other publications across the United States.

Again, targeting the publications in your region and securing prime ad space is the focus of the marketing team. MMX in particular has access to more than half a dozen lifestyle publications in their network for placing 420-friendly ads.


Throughout the dispensary marketing process, your team should be working to fill holes in your strategy and avoid wasting money. For instance, using programmatic ads can target consumers 21 and over, keeping your marketing dollars from going to children. Further improvements include only marketing during certain times of day and creating separate ads on authoritative sites for different demographics.

The complexity of these tasks often places them beyond the realm of what you can do on your own. Choosing a qualified marijuana marketer like MMX will ensure that all of your advertising is within the bounds of the law and that you are getting the best results for your money.

There are many challenges that stand between marijuana dispensaries and successful marketing campaigns. Marketing companies like MMX specialize in dealing with the unique set of rules that dictates how dispensaries can and cannot advertise. We have spent the last few years creating strategies that are proven to work in the industry when easy marketing solutions aren’t enough.

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